Easy Frugal Lunch Ideas for Kids

There are a ton of easy frugal lunch ideas for kids that you can do on a budget and to save money too!

Pepperoni Pizzadilla

You only need six ingredients to make them and you can pair it with other fruits and snacks to complete a lunchbox meal!

Street Tacos

Everyone loves tacos! This is an easy way to use leftovers and change it up from the classics.

Tuna Pinwheels

There are only seven ingredients needed for these and you can make 14 pinwheels from one batch of ingredients, perfect for multiple kids.

Mini Corn Dog Muffin

Another super easy and quick one to make, these mini corn dog muffins are super cheap to make and you can make a bunch at one time with minimum supplies

Pickle Beef Roll-Ups

Do you have kids that love pickles? They’re going to love this new roll-up idea that includes pickles and lunchmeat.

Ham & Cheese Muffins

You only need 3 ingredients to make them and all the ingredients are super low cost!

Give them what you know they will eat and enjoy! Make lunch fun again!