14 ways to save money on groceries

Most people overspend on food each month. Whether it’s lack of planning, not paying attention, or struggling with impulse buys, sticking to your grocery budget is difficult.

Shop based on price per unit

It’s always best to check price per unit when shopping, just to make sure you aren’t missing a deal!

Save money by buying store brands

The general rule of thumb is that generic store brand items are cheaper, and just as delicious, as their name brand counterparts.

Use coupons

With the combination of coupons and our loyalty shopping card, we definitely see a savings of at least $20-$30 per shopping trip.

Only shop from a shopping list

Grocery shopping with a list puts you back in control!

Buy in bulk

Since we plan out our meals a month in advance, and rotate our meal plan for several months at a time, it really benefits us to make purchases in bulk.

Don't buy simply because something is on sale

Something that is definitely difficult for me to acknowledge, is that just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal!

You CAN save money on grocery shopping! It just takes a little planning and self control (which I know isn’t always easy in our busy exhausting lives).